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Interview on Huomenta Suomi about Wunderkraut and bankruptcy

I was visiting Huomenta Suomi tv program again on last wednesday morning (21.11.2012), at around 07:50.

We talked about entrepreneurship, risk taking, attitude, bankruptcy, the Slush conference, what the government should do to facilitate more startup success, etc.

Here's the Vid in finnish:

Also on the live broadcast I announced the news about me joining Wunderkraut as the managing director for Finland.

All feedback and comments welcome as always!

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On MTV3's Huomenta Suomi this morning about Presidential Elections

Was on the air this morning at the MTV3's Huomenta Suomi program, with Tapio Hedman.

Tapio is soon about to start in his new job, as the Managing Director of SEK&GREY, one of the largest advertising agencies in Finland.

We talked about the 2012 Presidential Elections, social media, the role of advertising, and the like.

Video here embedded from Vimeo, as usual.

Taneli Tikka on MTV3 Huomenta Suomi on 30.1.2012 talking about presidential elections and social media from Taneli Tikka on Vimeo.

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Recent TV stuff, fail day and 2012 with sir Richard Branson

It has been an active start of the autumn with several interviews and things going on; more on video than usual.

On 13th of October 2011 Finland is celebrating our second annual national fail day - a bold attempt to influence culture and attitudes. Trying to suggest that Finns could recheck the negative attitude towards risk and failure - and view the whole topic with a more intelligent angle.

"Success is inspirational - failure is educational." (quote from Prof. Mike Shaner).

You can find more about fail day in finnish from here:


And here's my fail day video in Finnish:

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) also showed the video on their morningTV segment and interviewed mr. Petri Vilén on the phone. That's here (in finnish again, sorry folks):

The very next day I was also on MTV3 channel "Good Morning Finland" program again, this time talking about the upcoming changes with Facebook. In finnish again, video here:

Next year I will also be one of the people on stage in the Nordic Business Forum 2012 with sir Richard Branson and big names from Finland and abroad. They released the "teaser trailer" for the event yesterday on Youtube, it's here (in english):

Plenty more interesting things to come this autumn I hope! I have been mostly busy with developing Soprano Brain Alliance forward (we are still hiring, big time, btw). And working with a few startups on the side, as a kind of a hobby. Keeping it busy with mostly very positive things!

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TV clip from today: Social Media with Helene Auramo

This morning again I was visiting MTV3 Huomenta Suomi program with Helene Auramo, CEO of Zipipop.

Video is up in Vimeo, and embedded here:

MTV3 Huomenta Suomi 9.5.2011 Taneli Tikka ja Helene Auramo keskustelevat sosiaalisesta mediasta from Taneli Tikka on Vimeo.

nHere's the same videoclip in YouTube:


All critique and comments are welcomed as always!

This theme could have gone on for quite a while, we just barely touched on the surface details. It's a shame that TV, because of the nature of its format, kind of automatically means that the substance will have a touch of entertainment and popular topics in there. And always too little time for it all...

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Good Morning finland interview 8.2.2011 about Ecommerce

Earlier today I was a guest in Good Morning Finland (Huomenta Suomi) on the MTV3 channel. I was there with Jaana Kurjenoja, Chief Economist of the Federation of Finnish Commerce. Topic was ecommerce and its relation to the structural change of trade; how it affects the trade of special items and how services are also transferring to ecommerce models. And how ecommerce is evolving.

Here's the video clip from it:

Taneli Tikka 8.2.2011 Huomenta Suomi - Ecommerce from Taneli Tikka on Vimeo.

All feedback much welcomed!

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