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TV talk with Google on 25.8.2010

Here's the TV talk from today (25.8.2010) with Anni Ronkainen of Google.

All chatter in finnish (sorry folks).

Taneli Tikka in Huomenta Suomi 25.8.2010 with Google from Taneli Tikka on Vimeo.

We talked about Nokia, services & software, Google, the upcoming changes in the media field, advertising, the iPad, and teh internetz.

Challenging topics for the main stream, that's for sure.

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On live TV with Google

I will be on live TV again, this time it's with Google's local Country Manager Anni Ronkainen.

It's going to be on MTV3 Channel, "Huomenta Suomi" -program (good morning Finland) wednesday the 25th of August at around 08:00 or (08:05) in the morning, right next to a news segment. I will have my iPad with me, and we will be talking about technology and the interwebz no doubt.

Probably will be posting the video clip here later on, as previously.

A day after that (on Thursday) I hear that mr. Samuli Torssonen (emperor Pirk himself =)) will be on the morning programme, probably talking about Iron Sky. Watch that too!

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Google in a position to flip over Nokia + Telcos?

This more of a microblog entry than a proper blog entry. Something that was a topic of discussion at MindTrek around a dinner table:

Would Google soon be in the position to seriously hurt Nokia and the Telcos?

Imagine this: Google creates a very nice Android phone, with its own app market and all. They give it away to consumers for free, free calls, free data, free sms, if the consumer is willing to look (and possibly listen) at adds. A bit like Blyk.

Now what do you think that does to Nokia's business model? And the business models of Nokia's customers = the Telcos?

Google has some 12,7 to 15 billion USD in cash, and about 30bn in total assets. The entire TeliaSonera corporation (Scandinavia's largest telco) is worth about 22.5 billion USD for a 100% stake. Just as a half-serious thought: they could probably buy a Telco and start doing just that; giving advertising-enabled phones away for free. Naturally a better strategy may be to partner up with an international telco and go kick the competition's butt together.

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