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Changing positions

"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”
- Winston Churchill

I am in the middle doing a few changes in my professional life;

1) I will leave www.muxlim.com Board of Directors, and hand over my seat to a senior International figure in the online media world. His mission as the new board member is to help Muxlim become a world class online media advertisers can rely on in getting their messages across.

2) As of 1st of April I'll leave the CEO position in RunToShop and join the company's board of directors (Currently I'm not in the board). I will continue to be a part-time influence in RunToShop and focus on helping the team there to continue on the road to progress and results. RunToShop has had a good 2009 so far; getting more funding just before xmas has allowed the company to focus on execution and progress. Run is about to introduce a new product that will bring a "social layer" of recommendations, reviews and opinions to every webstore in a way that affects sales and awareness positively. This milestone simultaneously ends my CEO assignment, and the rest of the team takes charge.

This means that from April onwards I have ample time on my hands ;) and I am currently screening available opportunities to either start something new myself, or join a project/team/company in accomplishing something new and great.

If you would happen to have something in mind; let me know!

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I have an idea of where I see

I have an idea of where I see the news industry heading that I'd like to run by you if you have some time.

With everyone talking about the death of the newspaper industry (read: NOT journalism) there has to be something that we'll all be using in 5 years and going "of course, this is how news should have been all along."

water project

Hi Taneli,
If you have some spare time and looking for challenge, we have something in mind for you.
related to water, related to info feed, related to social network.
Send me a post !

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