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New Journey at the helm of an Enterprise Startup

Today Tieto Plc has announced that I will be joining the company as the Head of Industrial Internet.

Tieto has taken a bold move, by any measure, and has established the Industrial Internet business as an Enterprise Startup alongside Tieto Plc. This also means that the enterprise Startup will be developed and lead following the general guidelines of Lean Enterprise and the Lean Startup methodology. It is rare for any mature company to take a bold move like this, and seek to build significant future business using startup methodology - and in this case - also experienced startup people.

Inside Tieto Plc this is a clear senior role. My next tasks are building up the core team, and initiating the rapid-cycle learning process of startups. Naturally the groundwork is already laid out in much more solid way than a "cold-start" startup could ever hope for. I will be reporting on my progress directly to Tieto's top leadership and to the corporate board.

Industrial Internet itself is super hot right now. Companies in this space are popping up with significant backing and funding. Another Enterprise Startup in this space; Cloudera (funded by: Intel) has even received total funding in excess of 1 billion us$ (according to Forbes). Many separate opinion leaders forecast that this area will be the next big growth leap of the Internet: bringing the smart machines, sensors and systems online along with all of their data.

Lately I have been working with TLD Registry, Ltd. in building up the most successful new Top Level Domain Name launch globally so far. TLD Registry's two Chinese TLDs are now fully out there, open and selling like hot cakes. We started planning and preparing the launch of those TLDs already around January of 2012, with the company having a much longer history than that (from 2008 onwards). The success of TLD Registry is a culmination of multiple years of work and preparing for it. Now the TLDs are out, selling and the business itself takes a turn more towards the "business as usual". Which means the team will also shift more towards the daily execution focus, including hiring a few new people for that purpose. Timing-wise it is a very good moment for me to shift my operational "daily work" focus and start a new journey. I will still remain with TLD Registry as a co-founder, owner and the company's Chairman of the Board.

Those who know me have probably noticed that I have spent my career on two tracks: being a startup entrepreneur multiple times, and also occasionally visiting larger public companies in their top management (and boards). Often in roles of organizational change & revival. This new journey as the captain of an Industrial Internet Enterprise Startup will be a thrilling, and challenging, effort to combine the best of both worlds. To see what can be done with startup methods and experience when seriously backed by a solid industry powerhouse.

If you find yourself a little bit excited by the prospect of what this could mean, and what this could grow into; don't hesitate to be in touch! I am building a team now, and great people are always welcomed to have chat about that.

Ain't startup life an adventure!

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Our Chinese Domains are now in Landrush phase

TLD Registry's Chinese domain names: Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), are now in Landrush phase!

Here's more about that in TLD Registry's site:

The Landrush Period of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website is analogous to the opening of valuable new tracts of internet real estate in the Chinese-speaking world. It is during the 30-day landrush period that premium domain names are made available to investors and website owners/operators. The Landrush period will conclude on Thursday April 24. A three-day quiet period will immediately follow.

Basically now anyone can register any name they want. The domains accept registrations in ASCII (for example: english language), in Simplified Chinese Script (used in China mainland) and in Traditional Chinese Script (used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South China - and in Chinatowns around the world).

Anybody can register:

- anything. To give you a few ideas:
- famous sayings and idioms
- fads and memes
- popular search terms and keywords
- famous names of people etc placenames
- new trendy hip things and terms that are bubbling under
- names related to any activity, commonly used verbs, adjectives etc
- 1 character and 2 character names are also accepted!
- any numbers or number + character combos
- any thematic names: around dating, around cars, around food, around travel, around music, around sports, around whatever
- only your imagination is the limit

I don't endorse it, but: anybody can even registred brand names and company names - thou I have to remind you that the registrant (meaning you) is responsible for any legal remifications this might bring you. The practice known as Domain Squatting (reserving valuable company-, trademark- and brand names, and then selling those names to the said companies later for a lot of money) can happen, but it's your own responsibility fully if you get into that.

Landrush is a bit like this: we have just opened up a gigantic awesome new beach (two beaches actually!), no spots are taken and you are the first person in. You can grab any lot, any location, any place in the sun you want. Imagination is the only limit.

We just sold 182K$ worth of premium domainnames in Macau last friday. These things are hot! We sold names like "casino.online" (in Chinese of course), or "bitcoin.online", and "realestate.online", so how about using your imagination and grabbing some valuable names around key terms like that? All of these are free for the takers: "casinogames.online", "bitcoinexchange.online", "bitcoinwallet.online", "buyrealestate.online", "investinrealestate.online", etc etc. The sunny beach is empty and your place in the sun awaits! :-)

The names can be bought thorugh many of our registrar parnters. I have been using a few of them to buy names myself. Here are a few that I have personally used, are easy to use and available to take in your orders right away:

Instra: http://www.instra.com/en/domain-names/newgtld/xn--3ds443g-domain-registr...

IPMirror: http://www.ipmirror.com/domain/idn/chinese-simplified/landrush-%E5%9C%A8...

Marcaria: http://www.marcaria.com/register/domain/gtld_landrush.asp?tld=30

Name.com: https://www.name.com/preorder/xn--3ds443g

101Domain: http://www.101domain.com/idn/chinese_simplified/%E5%9C%A8%E7%BA%BF.htm

Hexonet: https://www.hexonet.net/preregistrations/%E5%9C%A8%E7%BA%BF

Landrush ends in less than a month - and it's an "end-date landrush" meaning that you have up until the end of the landrush period to register names for you. Then at the end our system goes through the list of registered names and distributes them out, or resolves any possible conflicts, if any.

Go grab some awesome names!

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Hopeful constructive criticism in how Finland could do even better

(Originally published in Facebook 13th of February 2014, and now re-run here with very minor edits)

Finland is a tolerable place to live in. Like just about everywhere on planet earth there are good things, and there are bad things. Finland has its share of outright insane things and very very harmful things too. As an entrepreneur I have learned to strive for perfection where it counts, and apply the 20/80 rule everywhere else (20% of effort counts for 80% of results). Finland in many cases isn't putting in even the 20% of effort, and could relatively easily be a much more prosperous place. Thus through this writing I seek to offer input on how to progress things towards that goal of prosperity.

This is a small rant about why Finland could do better than our current sorry state of affairs. This is positive & hopeful constructive criticism with the aim of hoping to collectively do better:

Finland is a control freak country, ultimate nanny-state, wishing to dictate every aspect of life with absurd, unwelcome and overkilled precision. Perfect playground for mentally ill bureaucrats long since gone wild and unchecked. We start with the default of freedom and every new law (about 1 new law per day at current rate) and rule (many more new rules per day than just 1) restricts that freedom and makes life harder and more demented. Finland is not a model country when it comes to upholding human rights, and some of these "new rules" trample all over basic human rights and twist bureaucracy closer to the inhuman absurd level.

The typical consequences are everywhere we look: less variety in choice, higher prices across the board, and lower quality. Overall sluggishness and slowness of things. The absence & opposite of fast and dynamic. Wonderful characteristics, courtesy of regulation. Think for example: food markets, motoring, or all to do with real estate. Everything that possibly can be expensive, is expensive in this country (with virtually no exceptions at all. There are things that are seemingly cheap: like fighting a legal case to the court of appeals, but even in those cases somebody else pays for the cost, and often that "somebody" is the society, as in we all through our taxes..) According to official statistics Finland is the most expensive Eurozone country in consumer prices. And to be precise: everything is regulated, ensured by regulation, to get more expensive in the future as well. petrol, cars, real estate, food, alcohol, tobacco, energy, etc etc.

While simultaneously we have the amazing combination of;

One of the lowest income differences on this planet (there are no "rich earners" in Finland as nobody makes any significant money. Even the best performers among us earn about the same. Remember that I'm talking about income here (as in salary, bonuses, tax free travel daily allowances, etc) and not profit accumulated through risk taking, investing your hard earned wealth and accumulating capital gains from your already taxed money).

Combined with one of the highest decrees of regulated & forced income transfers in Europe (transferring what little extra a high performer earns, away from her to the less performing folks).

And finally trice combined with one of the lowest net purchasing powers in Europe (meaning that people are not wealthy, they have no savings, no huge disposable income, no investments, no net worth, and their net purchasing power is abysmally small - all that while the prices of everything around them are high!).

As an anecdote; a friend of mine has for years asked Swiss and Austrian people (among other Europeans and Americans too) to guess what's the threshold of the top 10% earning salary in Finland. They frequently guess numbers like 14,000€ a month, or 15,000€ a month, some even 20,000€ a month. And they are totally in shock and silence after hearing that with a meager salary of about 4500€ you are already in the national top 10% earning bracket..

The silence deepens and evolves into total disbelief when they realize that simultaneously this country has extremely high taxes overall: If you buy a new MacBook Pro for 3000€ from your hard earned salary; all throughout the chain you paid about 66% of taxes in average. Meaning with zero tax you would have had 3 MacBook Pro's for the price of one, or one for 1/3 the price.. That same system of tax-on-top-of-tax chain with my salary amounts to about 81% Tax if I buy a MacBook Pro with my net salary.. 81% Tax is so much that the only conclusion can be the realization how unfair the punishing system is and how much it is robbing private individuals of their wealth and hard earned possessions.

We are not only low earners (in the eyes of Swiss etc), but also piss poor & broke concerning our wealth & savings, while paying one of the world's highest % of taxes.

Our national debt in relation to our GDP still is nowhere near the level of Greece (at least some light in a dark dark tunnel) - however if you look at our national debt in relation to the wealth of Finnish households (savings, investments, purchasing power) the only conclusion is that we are in deep trouble. Take the Italians for example: they are a lot more wealthier than us, and while it's true that they have even more debt than we do (both in € and in % of GDP) they are still so wealthy that Italian households combined could pay back the debt relatively easily. Extreme example is Japan: truly rich households with a lot of savings, investments and purchasing power. Lots and lots of national government debt too, but so much wealth that it's not really a serious problem for them. Not so much with Finnish households: we are too poor to have this staggering amount of debt! (and just shy of 10bn€ more of it each year, hell yeah!).

We have one of the relatively highest spending public sectors in the world; public spending to GDP ratio is near 60%. Each year we take in massive additional debt, not to invest (no no, that would be too positive..) but to simply eat the money in our running expenses. It is spending gone mad and amok. It's like a startup company applying for a 10M€ round of funding not for product development, market expansion or product launch, but simply to waste the money on strippers and parties by the management and to pay salaries to all those people the startup hired to occupy the very costly office building, not to mention all those fancy sport cars for the managers..

Not only is our public spending world record high, furthermore if you take the number of households where a minimum of any single one family member has ties to the public sector (is a public sector worker in any capacity, is a school kid, daycare student or student in a public school, is in the municipal council, receives grants to businesses or receives grants to agriculture, etc) - it includes almost all households in the nation. There are virtually no households left with zero ties to the public sector: so the resistance to change is irrational and massive. Public sector is "untouchable monster" because everyone's household is a part of it. A system of evil destruction reinforcing itself.

Everybody's playing the same roulette game and thinking that they are the winners and the others who pay for their winnings are the losers. Guess what: it doesn't play out like that. We all lose. We also own the (unprofitable) casino where we play in, and could change the rules if we wanted to..

Solution is obvious: no weak cuts of ~3bn€ are enough to reverse a situation this bad. We need much much bigger structural overhaul and change. Lately the public discussion has been starting slowly to take a turn towards the better and moving away from minor cuts and tweaks to proposing real actual restructuring. This is a "no shit Sherlock? said Captain Obvious" -moment for Finland, as the burning need for a big restructuring is very much apparent & obvious.

Cutting just a few billion and executing no structural change at all solves nothing. "Austerity" alone is a failed road. So is the utterly laughable and mentally retarded Keynesian proposal of doing nothing and just taking more debt and keep on spending like there's no tomorrow. Cutting spending alone is like an alcoholic who is drinking 10 bottles of Koskenkorva Vodka a day, and now we deny him two bottles (he is left with just 8), only to see him drink the full 10 bottles again tomorrow. There NEEDS to be structural change, a proper rehab, dietary-, and lifestyle change for our collective alcoholic state, and in a big way.

Finland cannot increase taxation and tax more (not now, not in the future); because there's nothing to tax. People have low income, low purchasing power, no wealth.. There's just nothing that could be taxed and confiscated to pay this overwhelming level of government expenses. Nor there ever will be more as the current regulations and taxes make sure that nobody can accumulate wealth easily, and certainly not quickly or in any meaningful way as far as the whole economy is concerned. Taking more debt now is simply future taxation spent today (and would have to be taxed back tomorrow). Thus the road of increasing taxation is entirely spent: in fact the state has overstepped already beyond to the territory where it is outright destructive to tax this much (remember my 81% Tax on the MacBook?). The only manageable road can be the change of the entire system - the hard & freefalling road would be not to change and see the whole nation collapse under impossible circumstances.

The UK has a "1 in, 2 out" rule regarding regulation: for every new rule, two old ones must be removed forever. Finland would need a "1 in, 10 out" rule for starters. Getting rid of all that crap forbidding everything and anything, dementing and strangling us.

We live in an absurd country where the state owns a horsemanship school and a catering company for no good reason (how exactly is that free market economy if the state competes with private providers with those entities?). Also if you use a chainsaw in your work you get a -40% deduction in your income taxes just because that's a silly rule.. (almost wrote: "just because, fuck you, that's why" but censored myself ;)) etc there are endless examples of absurd non-justified stuff all around us. To pick a few more: public sector workers have for years been earning leaders in the Finnish economy, getting the biggest salary increases. According to the OECD Finns have 58 healthy years in their life expectancy (lowest in the Nordics), while the Icelanders have 69. The explanation I offer is that; when you punish by tax, make everything healthy very expensive, and dement your people through rules it shows; people live short and miserable lives. Could go on with the examples, but stopping here for now.

Restructuring our broken and sorry state of affairs is the top priority. And a major part of the restructuring effort is to set up a better system that runs lean and costs much much less than our current behemoth of world record high public spending. No cuts to spending only; but rather restructuring that leads to replacing the old and expensive with the new, lean and affordable. Some objectives regarding that:

Public spending to GDP ratio needs to get to a semi-healthy level of below 40% (big cuts in spending, between 15-20bn€, or rocket-fast GDP growth of private sector primarily - I'm aware that public sector productivity is also a part of GDP, tho a minor part), and quickly after that to a much more healthier level of less than 20% (massive cuts in spending, around 30-40bn€, or lighspeed fast GDP growth of private sector primarily). Finland could run lean with a 10-20% public spending to GDP and get great amazing value for that taxpayer money. There are countries out there who do it today and show us the example.

Good benchmark nations for Finland in this would be countries of similar size in population, like: Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand and even Denmark to some extent. Also Sweden & Austria, and smaller nations too: Estonia in particular. Perhaps some selective aspects of Ireland too.

Enough of us see what needs to be done - and that's why I'm positive and think we can do better than this! It's about time to start renovating and building a better Finland for us all for all of future to come! Because I hope we haven't given up on our country just yet, right?

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Buying our domain names

People have been frequently asking where our new essential Chinese top-level domain names can be bought? There are many places where to buy, see the links below. For about a month more (until 17.3.2014) we are selling to official trademark owners only. Then in March the domains open up for everyone to buy & grab. If trademark owners don't get their trademarks during the next about 30 days, then anybody can grab them later.. So definitely get yours if you own valuable trademarks having anything to do with any China -affected market at all! (like for example even any Chinatown anywhere globally) Also in March the number of resellers increases exponentially as the domains open up for anybody to grab.

Here are a few places (not a full list) where to buy immediately:

(UK, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Tanzania, USA)

(Singapore, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, United Kingdom)


(Germany, Canada)

(Germany, USA)

If you want to protect your official IPR and Trademarks; then also a good way to buy the domains is trough your IPR firm, who will probably have an established relationship to our resellers, and can get you the names that way.

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Launching this week: Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) - how to buy?

We at TLD Registry, Ltd are moving into the first phase of our product launch by starting our "trademark owners only" Sunrise this week.

As you might have noticed, our top-level domains are live already:


We are staring sales this Friday the 17th. For 60 days we are running a phase called the Sunrise, that is exclusively reserved for Trademark owners only. The idea is to allow the trademark owners sufficient time to react and protect their own existing trademarks with a right of first refusal. It also means that once this 60 day period is over (on March 20th 2014) all the domains are free game: if some trademark owner does not react NOW and reserve their own trademarks, then after 60 days anybody can register those domains freely (even their worst competitor).

So the time to react is now.

First thing to do as a trademark owner is to go to the Trademark Clearinghouse system (TMCH) (used for domain names), that can be found here:

http://trademark-clearinghouse.com/ and successfully register yourself and your trademarks into that system.

Once that is done (doesn't take long) then you are free to purchase names from our TLDs according to your trademarked IPR. The way to do it is through any of our 26 registrar partners that participate in our Sunrise. The list is here:

The 26 registrars which have signed Registry-Registrar Agreements (RRAs) with TLD Registry are listed with principal offices in brackets:

101domain (USA)
35.com (China)
Ascio/NetNames (Denmark, USA, UK, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Norway, Germany)
BizCN (China)
CSC Digital Brand Services (USA)
Dynadot (USA)
EJEE (China)
Encirca (USA)
eNom (USA)
EuroDNS (Luxembourg)
Hexonet (Germany, Canada)
HiChina/Net.cn (China)
Instra Corp (Australia, New Zealand)
IP Mirror (Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Germany)
Key-Systems (Germany, USA)
Lexsynergy (UK, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Tanzania, USA)
Macaria (Spain, Chile, USA)
Mailclub (France, Canada)
MarkMonitor (USA, UK)
name.com (USA)
Nawang (China)
Net-Chinese (Taipei)
Openprovider (Netherlands, Spain)
State Commission for Public Sector Reform (SCOPSR) (China Central Government)
SuperRegistry/Momentous (Canada)
XinNet (China)

You can also freely use 3rd parties like IPR law firms, patent agencies and such to protect your trademarked IPR. They should know how to get this going, and if not; you can always refer them to this blog post here.

We also sell premium names right now. Very valuable names, search engine terms, marketing slogans and words are up for grabs. If you want to buy very valuable online property in the very first wave, then contact our premium name seller; Sedo and have a chat with them. Essentially this is a great opportunity for your company to grab any valuable terms and common lingo associated with your sector of business at the same go while you also get your trademarked names.

A legendary & very clever example of this is the McDonald's home delivery phone number in China. They came up with some ingenious planning and reserved the number 400-517-517 for their home delivery hotline. Those numbers in Chinese are roughly pronounced "wu yao qi wu yao qi" which sounds like "I like to eat" repeated twice (= meaning that "I really like to eat"). Ingenious and has been a massive marketing positive to them. Not to mention very easy to remember for any Chinese person. Similar extremely valuable domain names are all free and waiting for you to grab them at first mover prices from Sedo. 517.在线 is free for example. So are thousands of other clever and valuable names.

Naturally TLD Registry, Ltd is happy to provide more details.

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