Business, the final frontier. These are the webpages of Wisdom Like Silence, Ltd. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new markets. to seek out new revenue models and new business thinking. To boldly go where no business man has gone before.

Wisdom Like Silence, Ltd
VATID: FI21382108
Email: taneli.tikka -atz-

Wisdom Like Silence, Ltd. Accepts Bitcoins as the form of payment. Be in touch if you want to agree an exchange through a marketplace, or simply use the Bitcoin address: 14L3mvATuPwx9p26nc82fL42jZX4XyJQHL

Billing/invoicing information:
Wisdom Like Silence, Ltd, accepts fully electronic invoices only.
If you wish to send us a paper invoice, we will pay it, but we will subtract a 50 EUR processing fee from it, per invoice.

the info:

OVT-tunnus: 003721382108
Operaattori: BasWare

Paper invoices (at your own peril & agreement to the strict terms, see information above) go to:

Wisdom Like Silence Oy
PL 176